Personal Guidance

We share among our members a Personal Guide. We get to know you personally.

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Business Assistance

We offer administrative assistance, logistics, organization, consulting, and event planning.

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Cosmos Radios Network

Cosmos Connection lightworker, truthseeker, supporter, teacher, guide, life coach, psychic reader, author, your service to others.

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Ascension Psychics Magazine - Body-Mind-Spirit Connection.

We are friends in life who are in service to others. We list our Lightworkers, and Truthseekers that desire to become a part of our Resources. We share a directory of readers who are registered with the TJ Morris Agency.


Next Steps...Call TJ Today!

To be recognized among our friends of the Ascension Psychic Network, please contact TJ Morris at 850-736-5138 and tell us about you and your service to others.